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Do Not Age SIRT6Activator®

  • Unique activity-based seaweed supplement
  • Specially selected Fucus vesiculosus from around the world
  • Batch tested for activity
  • All-natural product from dried seaweed

Traditionally used seaweed

Fucus vesiculosus is a seaweed known as bladder wrack. Bladder wrack grows along coasts all over the world, such as the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The whole alga is traditionally used as an herbal supplement and source of iodine.

Selected based on function

Do Not Age searches the globe for Fucus vesiculosus with a special function. Professor Vera Gorbunova's laboratory tests for SIRT6 activation. SIRT6 is a gene that codes for the Sirtuin 6 protein. Do Not Age makes SIRT6Activator from Fucus vesiculosus tests positive.

Natural product, tested per batch

Fucus vesiculosus is a natural product. SIRT6Activator consists of the dried whole plant in capsule form. Most Fucus vesiculosus does not test positive, so it must be reselected every batch.

About Do Not Age

Do Not Age makes supplements and products for people who want to slow down ageing (anti-aging). Do Not Age supplements are selected on the basis of scientific research, extremely pure and reasonably priced.

Do Not Age supplements are:

  • Produced to GMP and ISO9001 standards.
  • Free from artificial ingredients, wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, corn, milk or preservatives (with some exceptions).
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Ingredients & Usage

Take the desired number of capsules, before a meal.

Recommended dose based on body weight:
less than 60 kg = 800 mg per day (2 capsules)
60-100 kg = 1600 mg per day (4 capsules)
more than 100 kg = 2400 mg per day (6 capsules)

One package of Do Not Age SIRT6Activator® contains 366 capsules, sufficient for 183-51 days at 2-6 capsules daily.

Ingredients per serving 1 capsule % RI
Fucus vesiculosus whole plant
400 mg *

RI = Reference Intake.
* RI unknown

Fucus vesiculosus, capsule (cellulose)

Allergy information
No allergens listed

Store dry, cool, away from light and outside of reach of young children.

Dietary supplement. Category: Herbs.
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Food supplements are no substitute for a varied diet.


  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
  • Not suitable for children younger than 18 years.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner first.

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