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How ExuberantBeing was started

I suffered countless symptoms of aging as a young man and went through heart surgery at a young age of 44, which sparked a burning desire to grow younger with each birthday. Ever since, I have been searching for innovative, science-backed methods to upgrade human biology and redefine the limits of the mind, body, and spirit. I discovered that it is possible to change the sub-cellular level to extend the life span dramatically.I have found numerous therapies, methodologies, and bio hacks in this quest. Some of them worked, and some didn't. The one that works, these products are difficult to import for private individuals.

What makes us different?

The shipping costs are high, and shipping takes a long time. The products are useless if you don't know which ones to pick and how to use them. I know from experience how difficult this search is in a jungle of fragmented information. My goal is to make this information easily accessible so everyone can profit from it. We can have a long-life using bio-hacks, but to have a fulfilling one, we should start a practice of self-reliance and, most importantly, a greater sense of purpose. With modern science and research and following the mindfulness taught by our ancient masters, we can live an exuberant life, and that was my motivation to start Exuberantbeing.